Tianna Bee
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Defy Gravity.


A tour-de-force of intellect, intensity, and class

Tianna is a lifestyle influencer and 3x Olympic gold medalist who specializes in the long jump and sprinting events.

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A series of raw, honest, thought-provoking essays from tb's perspective on the world around her.


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These like-minded brands and others share Tianna's vibe and outlook on life, allowing her to perform at the highest level. Always down to form a new partnership, give tb a shout to get something started.

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Why You're Not a Track Star


What started as a passion project, this book dives into five common reasons middle school and high school athletes aren't performing up to their potential. This book will give athletes that may not have access to good coaching, facilities, or equipment a chance to improve themselves enough to change their stars.

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