So...Who Dies?

Have you seen the movie, The Ten Commandments (Cecile B. DeMille) The one with Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner?


I’ve seen it a million times, my parents introduced me to it as a way to give me a visual image of the story of Moses, plus I think my mom had a celebrity crush on Charlton Heston. I never complained, even with the 220 minute run time I could have stared at Yul Brynner as Pharaoh for another couple hours.

But that’s beside the point. Let’s not corrupt a biblical anecdote with the lustful crushes of childhood. 

So anyway….

There’s a part of the Exodus story where Moses returns to the Pharaoh after a personal exodus of his own, yells (more or less) “let my people go or else there will be plagues!” 

So of course there are plagues. And the last of them is “the death of the firstborn.”

So I’m watching this movie on the floor of the family room, in the family home, on my stomach, legs up and swinging casually back and forth behind me, with an oversized pillow supporting my neck and chin.

“PAUSE!!!!” I yelled. 

The movie was eventually paused. This copy of Ten Commandments was on VHS and it took a few seconds for the VCR to understand the commands it was being given from the remote.

My dad, who was half asleep, started at my outburst and asked a bit frantically what was going on.

Me: Daddy, I have a question.

Him: What Tee?

Me: Ok so this plague is about the death of the firstborn right?

Him: You know it is, yes.

Me: Okay, so Adrianne is your firstborn. But I am mom’s firstborn. So…which one of us dies?

Him: Super long pause.

Me: Super long wait.

Him: Even looonnnggger pause.

Me: Even Loooonnnggger wait.

Him: Well, no one would have to die because we’d be covered by the blood of the lamb.

Me: under my breath...*nice save* 

We finished the movie with no further interruptions.

But that, my friends, was a BRILLIANT question. (And not just because it was me who asked it)

Which brings me to my actual point. Athletes are downloading my e-book, or enrolling in my programs featured on which is awesome! 

But I also have a very full inbox of athletes asking me one specific question:

How do I go pro?

Which is, to put this bluntly, the WRONG question.  

Because I’m 98.75% sure that you aren’t actually sure what it means, or maybe what YOU even mean when you say “go pro.” 

So here’s what I’m going to do, I am going to dedicate some blog entries to specifically answering this question and other "track-as-a-career" related issues.

Welcome to TB University, class is in session and the first lesson is this:

Pro Track: There are levels to this…

Don’t be late.



nick steadman