Let There Be Light

I’ve been thinking about the Big Bang, or day one of the universe.

Have you ever thought about what that must have looked like?

How deep a darkness all of that had to be.

That kind of darkness that has mass 

(well now we’re talking about dark matter or depression…and I didn’t want to go there in this post so hang with me)

Let’s switch visuals…

As a kid, I spent a lot of time in caves thanks to my mom’s love of spelunking. And there’s always a moment before the helmet light comes on,

you’re at the mouth of the cave

and the darkness

it feels like it has a gravitational pull

and that if you’re not careful it would suck you in and you could be lost forever

cave entrances feel to me what I imagine a singularity feels like to a brave soul exploring a black hole.

(I always manage to come back to space lol).


Creation stories exist in every culture and religion.

Almost all of them start with nothing and end with something.

Almost all of them start with darkness.

And lately, I’ve been trying to take a really close look at how I react to things, events, or people whom I consider dark, or darkness personified.

And what I noticed about myself was intriguing…

I create.

My response to darkness is to start creating.

I struggle to get back to my feet under the weight of that dark matter, and as firm as I can, doing my best to steady my shaking voice I scream “LET. THERE. BE. LIGHT!”

I wrote my ebook in the midst of a dark time.

The tbtrackstar.com website was built during a dark year.

The crash course was a creative response.

This blog, a creative outlet for ALL THE THINGS life, work, and love throw at us.

The antithesis of darkness is creation.

Creation implies light…



And this didn’t just happen at the birth of the universe.

This happens everyday

Night falls

Then we rise

and there’s a moment you’re laying in bed as your eyes flutter open and you get to decide if you’re going to create the life you want to live today

or if you’re going to simply roll with the punches

You get to decide whether to scream “Let There Be Light!” at the top of your lungs and rush boldly forward…



You get to decide how much ground darkness gets to cover

How much a foothold you’ll allow it to have.

You do. You decide.

You can’t fight darkness with darkness, 

Martin Luther King Jr. told us that already, “darkness cannot drive out darkness”

You’d just simply be adding to the abyss.

And you’ll never find your way back.

So stare darkness in its bedraggled face and force it to face you.

Force it to face you…

your light…

your capacity to love…

and all you create.

And if it feels like the darkness is too heavy, and you’re struggling to stand, struggling to put one foot in front of the other, struggling to see…

remember that there’s light in you…

And let it be.

Tianna Bartoletta2 Comments