Best Laid Plans…

 So here we are. Shit has hit the fan, or it’s about to. And it feels so bad. I remember when I went to the Olympic Trials in 2008, I made the final of the long jump but failed to make the team, AGAIN. It took me two weeks to move past that experience. You want to know why? Because my dream died. And when things die we grieve. I understood completely the importance of grieving in other areas, like when a loved one dies, or a pet, or a relationship. But it didn’t occur to me how important it was to grieve the death of a goal or a plan. Because if we don’t we aren’t able to take the next steps required of us.

Progress is impossible without change; and those that cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
— George Bernard Shaw

Before moving on to the next module download today’s worksheet on processing loss. We have to find the meaning in the experience, and learn from mistakes so we can take new knowledge forward.

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