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Want me to come talk to your team, school, or organization? I would love that! I’m a firm believer that we are all here to share our stories and experiences to learn from each other and to be assured that none of us is alone in our journeys. No matter how different they may be.

Drawing on my experiences as a professional athlete that has earned nine global medals, six of them gold and earning spots on two Olympic teams and owner of a world record I have seen first hand how transferrable the skills required to be an elite athlete are to being a high performer in life and business.

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The Underdog Can Win

Embrace the role of the underdog by using your time away from the spotlight to outsmart, outwork, and execute better than the competition.

Show Up

How to perform in less than ideal circumstances. Tianna shares what to anchor your mind to in order to perform at your best no matter what.

Mind the Gap

How to navigate the space between where you are now and where you want to be by confronting the five things that hold us back.

The Game Plan

The devil is in the details. The parallels between crafting and executing a training program and crafting and executing the plan for your life or business. And how to execute like an Olympian every step of the way.


How to Do Hard Things

This is a talk about the approach I take to doing difficult things from preparing to make an Olympic Team, to leaving a toxic marriage. Tianna talks about how to do things that are difficult.


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